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Our Services

Services we provide

For Agriculture

Mango, Jackfruit, coconut, millet like big saplings available for the farming occupation. Small plants of jasmine, rose are sales here with assurance of quality.

Aromatic Flowers

There is nothing to do with the flowers that do not have the natural beauty. In this way the almado docomo are blossomed and make the place beautiful. There are also varieties of rose plants that give you the impression of the smell with clear nature.


Garden Set

Garden facility are set by our team with your suggestions. In school, home, apartment, park, hospital, etc., which will provide you garden setting facility with a pleasant care for the beauty of nature.

Beech Types

Roots the nature of greenery, there are also varities of plants that give you fresh air like plima spethodia etc.,

Flowers Range

More than 15 varieties of rose flowers that show the love of beauty are here in sale at any time with assurance of quality plant saplings

Gardening Tools

We offer the cutter, sprayer for your desired garden to make your garden as very fresh and greenery


For nature lovers who are staying in apartments or buildings they have a choice of ornamental plants which are available here to decorate their homes.

Herbal Plants

Although a thousand English medicine does not fit into natural herbal medicine. The medicinal plants give basil are have a lot of medicinal properties and give brain development.

It Makes us Different

Why Choose Us

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Flexible Services

We offer you a great quality service and we are responsible for the quality of the purchased item.
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Free Consultation

The quality of the bouquets is to keep its quality unchanged and we will guide, how you use it with full support.
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Certified Company

Our garden is a place where people are well recognized as the best quality and certified company.
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